Following a very tight win in the first game another tight game was expected.  The first half was tight but the second half more open.

Stirling kicked off and gained an early penalty which they failed to convert.  Carnoustie kick a penalty to the corner, won the line out and the ball driven over for Drew Christie getting the touch down.

Stirling replied sending the ball wide to draw the defence and touch down with the conversion. Carnoustie were pushed back close to their line only for Andrew Burgess to break in his own twenty two and leave the defence for dead to touch down.

Carnoustie then kicked a penalty to the corner, drove the line out for Drew Christie to touch down.  Stirling then did likewise by driving a line out to touch down and convert.  The Carnoustie pack won clean ball at a scrum just over half way. Danny Findlay and Andrew Burgess broke and ran the ball for Danny Findlay to touch down.

The second half Carnoustie conceded an early penalty which Stirling converted. Carnoustie dominated the remainder of the game with three touch downs by Drew Christie, Jordan Donnachie and Andrew Burgess all were converted by Mark McQueen.

Although Carnoustie not in the promotion race this was a well-deserved win with several excellent performances and good teamwork.

Team : M.McQueen : C.Blackburn : R.Burton : M.Whyte : A.Shepherd : A.Burgess : D.Findlay : C.Henderson : A.Neil : K.Murphy : J.Marriot : T.Forster : O.Hughes : D.Christie : J.Forster : A.Campbell : C.Forteath : J.Donnachie : S.Millar : D.Campbell : D.Johnstone : R.Beresford.