Carnoustie made the short trip to Kinross for their last away game of the season with a full squad.  Carnoustie kicked off with Kinross failing to gather the ball. Carnoustie snapped up the loose ball and drove forward culminating in Andrew Burgess touching down.  Carnoustie continued to press forward and from the half way swept the ball wide for winger Calum Forteath to evade a despairing tackle to touch down wide out.

Kinross came back and with some strong running crossed to touch down and convert.  The defences then held firm to half time.

In the second half Carnoustie continued to press forward with Drew Christie touching down and Andrew Burgess converting. Kinross again came back with a strong attack to touch down twice but with no conversions.

Carnoustie raised their game with Danny Findlay breaking from half way to touch down with the conversion added.  Finally the big forwards rumbled up field to allow Rob Blyth to touch down with Andrew Burgess converting.  Carnoustie held out comfortably to take full points.

Team : M. Jamieson : C. Forteath : R. Burton : M. Whyte : N. Galligan : A. Burgess : D. Findlay : C. Henderson : A. Neil : K. Murphy : J. Marriott : T. Forster : D. Christie : J. Forster : R.Blyth : J. Molloy : J. Donnachie : C. Blackburn : D. Johnston : A. Shepherd : A. Campbell : C. Martin