Carnoustie brought their season to an end with a home game which was postponed earlier in the season.  Falkirk arrived with 2 bus loads of 1st and 2nd team players and supporters.  Carnoustie knew then that they were in for a hard game as Falkirk needed a bonus point win to stay in Midlands 2.

Falkirk kicked off and Carnoustie misfielded the ball giving the visitors possession which was well used ending in a touch down with conversion added.  Carnoustie attacked the Falkirk line but lost the ball allowing the full back to cruise eighty yards to the line to touch down with the conversion added.  The barrage continued with the scrum half breaking away, virtually unopposed to touch down again the conversion added.

Carnoustie eventually got the pace of the game attacking through the forwards with David Campbell finishing off a strong drive to touch down with Mark McQueen converting. Carnoustie now playing with some confidence attacked again with good handling allowing Michael Jamieson to touch down, the conversion was missed. Playing out of defence a grubber kick was blocked and a Falkirk forward poured on the loose ball to gather and cross with full points.

Carnoustie restared the second half and Falkirk dropped the ball. Carnoustie gathered and ran the ball but a loose pass in midfield was intercepted giving the runner opportunity to break and touch down and convert.  Carnoustie dug in tightening their defence and losing only one other try whilst crossing twice through Michael Jamieson and Danny Findlay with one Conversion.

Team : M.McQueen : C.Forteath : R.Burton : M.Whyte : J.Donnachie : M.Jamieson : D.Findlay : C.Henderson : A.Neil : K.Murphy : S.Millar : J.Marriot : A.Franco : J.Forster : O.Hughes : N.Galligan : C.Blackburn : A.Shepherd : A.Campbell : C.Rankin : D.Campbell : B.Neil.