Kirkcaldy got the game underway, Carnoustie fielded and ran the ball through many pairs of hands until Calum Forteath was given space on the wing to touch down with Michael Jamieson converting. The restart kick was fielded cleanly but again Carnoustie retained possession until Connor Blackmore broke the line to touch down. The conversion was missed. The game then settled down with Kirkcaldy having their share of attack but Carnoustie defended strongly.

Carnoustie worked the ball out of defence and from a scrum Michael Jamieson broke the defensive line to touch down and convert. Kirkcaldy replied in similar fashion breaking from a scrum to touch down and convert. Kirkcaldy held firm for a time until they gave a wild pass to nobody under the posts, Mitch Whyte was first to react and touch down the loose ball at the post with the conversion added. Half time came with no further incident.

Carnoustie restarted the second half with little happening until Craig Henderson broke strongly, Carnoustie then broke the defensive line with Michael Jamieson touching down. The conversion was missed. From the restart Kirkcaldy failed to put the ball over the 10 m line giving Carnoustie field position. Ultimately from a line out Carnoustie drove, recycled the ball to the backs and again Michael Jamieson touched down with the conversion added. Kirkcaldy then ended the scoring following a scrum the ball going wide before touching down and converting.

Team : J. Donnachie : C. Forteath : M. Whyte : M. Jamieson : D. Nicholson : C. Blackmore : D. Findlay : C. Henderson : A. Neil : K. Murphy : T. Forster : J. Forster : K. Dandie : O. Hughes : A. Franco : G. Henry : R. Blyth M. Docherty : J. Marriot : C. Chalmers.