Carnoustie travelled the short distance to Broughty Ferry looking to make it a double against local rivals Panmure having won their home game.

Carnoustie kicked off and secured the kick and drove forward gaining two penalties in quick succession. From the second penalty Carnoustie drove, recycled cleanly and sent quick ball across the field giving Fullback Mark Gibson space to cut back and pierce the defence to touch down and then convert. From the restart Carnoustie were penalised with Panmure finding touch. Panmure lost the lineout allowing Carnoustie to break 70yards downfield. Carnoustie pressured the defence allowing them to charge down a kick. Michael Jamieson was first to react gathering the ball before stepping through a disorganised defence to touch down and convert.

Carnoustie defence was solid and from their own half they broke again with Kieron Ritson charging forward from half way to score out wide. No conversion added. Carnoustie again broke from deep with Conor Blackmore breaking some 7 yards but he was pulled down close to the line and with no support the chance was lost. Nearing half time Panmure made good ground following an interception but the cover got back to pull down the ball carrier. The Referee blew for half time.

Panmure restarted the second half which turned into a defensive game for Carnoustie. They spent the greater part of the half defending strongly to the extent of holding up a ball carrier over the line. On one occasion that Carnoustie got over half way, Michael Jamieson sent a penalty between the posts.

Attacking flair in the first half and solid defence won the day. This was a solid win with every man giving his all for the cause.

Team : M.Gibson : C.Forteath : M.Whyte : M. Jamieson : J.Donnachie : C.Blackmore : D.Findlay : A.Neil : K.Murphy : C.Henderson : S.Millar : J.Forster : K.Ritson : A.Franco : O.Hughes : R.Beresford : D.Nicholson : S.Murphy : M.McQueen : R.Blyth : P.Christie : I.Reid.