Kinross got the game in motion with Carnoustie failing to gather the ball and knocking on. Carnoustie lost the scrum against the head and were then penalised allowing Kinross to open the scoring. Kinross fielded the restart but in trying to run the ball out Carnoustie turned the ball over and with quick hands made space for Conor Blackmore to touch down, Carnoustie continued to force the pace and again good running and good hands paved the way for Michael Jamieson to touch down and convert. Keeping the pressure up with good passing from deep allowed Calum Forteath to charge down the wing to score in the corner with Mark McQueen converting. Towards the end of the half Michael Jamieson scored twice, the first from a break and the second from clean scrum ball put quickly through the hands. With no conversions. The half was brought to an end.
Carnoustie restarted and with a minute Kieran Ritson drove over for a try but with no conversion. Carnoustie took their foot off the pedal allowing the visitors to dictate the game. But the defence, although frantic at times, was solid, until the final minutes when Kinross got a score for their efforts touching down and converting. Within minutes the final whistle was blown.
Team : M.McQueen : J.Donnachie : M.Whyte : M.Jamieson : C.Forteath : C.Blackburn : D.Findlay : S.Murphy : K.Murphy : C.Henderson : R.Nicoll : J.Forster : K.Ritson : T.Franco : O.Hughes : M.Gibson : D.Nicholson : A.Martin : R.Beresford : S.Queen : K.Dandie : K.Patterson.