Carnoustie travelled the short distance to Broughty Ferry looking to make it a double against local rivals Panmure having won their home game.

Carnoustie kicked off and secured the kick and drove forward gaining two penalties in quick succession. From the second penalty Carnoustie drove, recycled cleanly and sent quick ball across the field giving Fullback Mark Gibson space to cut back and pierce the defence to touch down and then convert. From the restart Carnoustie were penalised with Panmure finding touch. Panmure lost the lineout allowing Carnoustie to break 70yards downfield. Carnoustie pressured the defence allowing them to charge down a kick. Michael Jamieson was first to react gathering the ball before stepping through a disorganised defence to touch down and convert.

Carnoustie defence was solid and from their own half they broke again with Kieron Ritson charging forward from half way to score out wide. No conversion added. Carnoustie again broke from deep with Conor Blackmore breaking some 7 yards but he was pulled down close to the line and with no support the chance was lost. Nearing half time Panmure made good ground following an interception but the cover got back to pull down the ball carrier. The Referee blew for half time.

Panmure restarted the second half which turned into a defensive game for Carnoustie. They spent the greater part of the half defending strongly to the extent of holding up a ball carrier over the line. On one occasion that Carnoustie got over half way, Michael Jamieson sent a penalty between the posts.

Attacking flair in the first half and solid defence won the day. This was a solid win with every man giving his all for the cause.

Team : M.Gibson : C.Forteath : M.Whyte : M. Jamieson : J.Donnachie : C.Blackmore : D.Findlay : A.Neil : K.Murphy : C.Henderson : S.Millar : J.Forster : K.Ritson : A.Franco : O.Hughes : R.Beresford : D.Nicholson : S.Murphy : M.McQueen : R.Blyth : P.Christie : I.Reid.

Good Win Away At Falkirk


In the first return match of the season Carnoustie travelled to Falkirk having won the home game.

Falkirk kicked off, Carnoustie fumbled the ball giving the home side possession but they then knocked on.  Falkirk won the scrum against the head and ran the ball breaking through to touch down and convert.  Carnoustie responded with a break by Jack Forster into Falkirk’s half, where a penalty was tapped and Michael Jamieson broke and when challenged found winger Michael Downie in support to touch down.  The conversion was missed. Continuing on the attack Carnoustie set up a series of drives with Kieran Ritson touching down, again the conversion missed. Falkirk responded with a good break before sending the ball wide to touch down.  Carnoustie were then awarded a penalty and elected for the kick but sent the ball wide.  From a scrum in midfield Michael Jamieson made a clean break to touch down with no conversion.   Just on half time Michael Jamieson again ran through the Falkirk defence to touch down.   Half time 12 – 20.

In the second half play was less open and scoring restricted.  The first try of the half from a tap penalty again saw Michael Jamieson touching down, with no conversion. From a well-placed kick to the corner Michael Jamieson chased hard to get his hands on the ball and touch down. Falkirk staged a recovery to pierce the defence to run a try over the line.  In the last move on the game Mitch Whyte intercepted a loose pass and ran unchallenged to touch down with Michael Jamieson adding the conversion.

Team : A. Neil : K. Murphy : S.Queen : C. Henderson : J. Forster : O. Hughes : K. Ritson : A. Franco : M. McQueen : M. Jamieson : J. Donnachie : M. Whyte : C. Addison :  M. Downie : M. Gibson : K. Dandie : K. Patterson : A. Shepherd : M. Docherty : R. Christie : N. Dewar.

Good Win at Stirling.


Carnoustie travelled to Stirling in search of league points.  Carnoustie got the game underway quickly gaining a penalty which was tapped only to knock on. They then pushed forward to pressure the home defence, missing a penalty kick to the posts but in their next push to the line Craig Addison burst through an attempted tackle to touch down with Michael Jamieson converting. Carnoustie continued in the ascendancy but could only add a penalty to the score sheet.  The home side picked up the pace and gained a penalty which was tapped and played through the hands to touch down wide out. The conversion was missed. Carnoustie pressed forward on half time and from a scrum five drove to the line allowing Owen Hughes to touch down and Michael Jamieson to convert. The whistle was immediately blown for half time.

Stirling restarted with Carnoustie fielding and working their way up field with ball being swiftly transferred to winger Jordan Donnachie to touch down wide out. Conversion was missed.  Stirling recovered to score two quick tries with the conversions added to be back in contention. Carnoustie kept their heads up and added two penalty kicks by Michael Jamieson to the score. From a line out in midfield Michael Jamieson split the defence to score and convert with a strong line break. Michael Jamieson added a late penalty but Stirling had the last word scoring with a strong drive from a scrum but with no conversion.

Team : M.Gibson : J.Donnachie : C.Addison : M.Whyte : M.Docherty : M.Jamieson : D.Findlay : C.Henderson : A.Neil : S.Queen : J.Forster : S.Millar : K.Ritson : D.Christie : O.Hughes : A.Shepherd : K.Patterson.

Good Win at Home


Madras kicked off on a wet miserable afternoon but despite the conditions an open game with good handling ensued. Early play favoured the home side and from a line out Michael Jamieson touched down but missed the conversion. Madras attacked but a kick to the line was cleared by Carnoustie who then from a penalty drove the ball for Kieran Ritson to touch down and Michael Jamieson to convert. After a spell of midfield play Carnoustie won a good scrum ball which allowed Michael Jamieson to run through a disorganised defence to touch down and convert. With half time approaching Michael Downie received the ball out wide and ripped through several attempted tackles to touch down with Michael Jamieson converting.

Madras fielded the restart at the beginning of the second half and keeping possession drove forward to touch down. The rain was now persistent but this did not deter Carnoustie who handled the wet ball well crossing for seven tries from M. Jamieson , I. Reid, M. Downie – 2 tries, J. Forster, M. Whyte and J. Donnachie, five were converted plus one penalty.   The rugby at times was excellent making a mockery of the conditions.

Team : M.Gibson : M. Downie : M.McQueen : M.Whyte : J. Donnachie : M. Jamieson : D. Findlay : S. Queen : N. Bowles : A. Neil : C. Henderson : J. Forster : K. Ritson : R. Beresford : I. Reid : A. Shepherd : A. Baxter : M. Docherty : R. Burton.

Home Defeat by Medic’s

CARNOUSTIE 22 v Dundee University Medic’s 27

Carnoustie entertained Dundee University Medic’s for the first game between the clubs.  Dundee kicked off with Carnoustie immediately penalised, with barely a minute gone the visitors took the lead.  Carnoustie struggled to get into the game and it was no surprise when the visitors extended their lead with an unconverted try.  Carnoustie eventually made good ground forward and from a 5 meter scrum Owen Hughes sniped round the scrum to touch down but with no conversion.  Carnoustie maintained the pressure and from a penalty tied the scores a half time.

Carnoustie got the second half underway. The early play was littered with penalties before Carnoustie set up a series of drives to the line with Danny Findlay touching down and Michael Jamieson converting. Carnoustie again pressed forward only to lose the ball allowing The Medics to break all of 40 meters to touch down and convert.  Carnoustie were guilty of loose carries resulting in The Medics again breaking from their own goal line to touch down wide out resulting in the conversion being missed.  Again Carnoustie applied heavy pressure on the visitor’s line with the same result the ball turned over and run the full length of the field for a converted try.  Carnoustie had the final say in the game driving a scrum to the line for Jack Forster to touch down and Michael Jamieson to convert.

Team : M.Gibson : J. Donnachie : M.Whyte : M.Jamieson : N.Galligan : C.Blackmore : D. Findlay : C.Henderson : N.Bowles : A. Neil : R. Blyth : J.Forster : A. Franco : K.Ritson : O.Hughes : J. Marriot : S. Millar : A. Baxter : K. Dandie : A. Shepherd : M. Docherty.

Superb Game with only 14 Men at Blairgowrie


With both teams undefeated a close game was anticipated. Carnoustie travelled with only 15 players due to 17 call offs.

Carnoustie kicked off and almost immediately conceded a penalty giving Blairgowrie field position. In early play Carnoustie were unfortunate to lose a man to injury and with no substitutes faced approx. 70 minutes a man down. They hung tenaciously for almost 20 minutes before losing two quick tries with one conversion.

Carnoustie, despite their difficulties they took the game to their opponents and before half time Michael Jamieson crossed twice with one converted. Half time came with the game all square.

Blairgowrie restarted the game with Carnoustie pressing forward. The defence were penalised and Michael Jamieson put Carnoustie in front for the first time. Blairgowrie pressed forward but the defence was solid forcing the ball carrier to lose possession over the line. The score was only delayed when Blairgowrie picked up from a five meter scrum and drove over. The conversion was missed, but the lead had changed hands.

Again Carnoustie pressed forward, gaining and converting a penalty to restore their lead. In the latter stages of the game the fourteen men were completely drained and in the last two minutes Blairgowrie forced their way over the line to touch down and convert.

Carnoustie during the game had two yellow cards so at times were only playing with 13 men. This was a great game for the players and although beaten gained a valuable bonus point.

Team : M.Docherty : N.Galligan : M.Whyte : M.Jamieson : J.Donnachie : C.Blackmore : D.Findlay : C.Henderson : K.Murphy : A.Neil : R.Blyth : J.Forster : D.Christie : O.Hughes : K.Ritson.

Local Derby Win


In the first derby of the season Carnoustie got the game underway, immediately conceding a penalty.  Touch was not found and Carnoustie ran the ball back with the move finished when Dean Nicholson touched down.  Carnoustie continued to press forward gaining a penalty which was converted. Carnoustie kept up the attack with good penetrative running with Mitch Whyte crossing to score. Panmure came more into the game and broke down the defence to cross over and touch down.  Carnoustie came back with Michael Jamieson running over to touch down.  Panmure made no mistake in gathering a kick ahead ball and with quick hands sent the ball wide to touch down.  None of the tries were converted. A good first half was brought to an end.

Panmure restarted with Carnoustie quickly into their stride with Craig Henderson driving over to touch down. The conversion was added.   Carnoustie continued to drive forward with tries from Michael Jamieson and Owen Hughes.  After a spell in midfield Danny Findlay broke free to run forward and touch down. The conversion was added. Panmure were down but certainly not out crossing over for three tries late in the game.

A fine game in many ways but a considerable number of points, on both sides, were lost in missed conversions.

Team : M.McQueen : D.Nicholson : M.Whyte : M.Jamieson : J.Donnachie : C.Blackmore : D.Findlay : C.Henderson : K.Murphy : D.Campbell : R.Blyth : J.Forster : A.Franco : K.Dandie : O.Hughes : S.Millar : B.Patterson : A.Shepherd : M.Docherty : B.Langlands.

Good Day Away at Kirkcaldy


Kirkcaldy got the game underway, Carnoustie fielded and ran the ball through many pairs of hands until Calum Forteath was given space on the wing to touch down with Michael Jamieson converting. The restart kick was fielded cleanly but again Carnoustie retained possession until Connor Blackmore broke the line to touch down. The conversion was missed. The game then settled down with Kirkcaldy having their share of attack but Carnoustie defended strongly.

Carnoustie worked the ball out of defence and from a scrum Michael Jamieson broke the defensive line to touch down and convert. Kirkcaldy replied in similar fashion breaking from a scrum to touch down and convert. Kirkcaldy held firm for a time until they gave a wild pass to nobody under the posts, Mitch Whyte was first to react and touch down the loose ball at the post with the conversion added. Half time came with no further incident.

Carnoustie restarted the second half with little happening until Craig Henderson broke strongly, Carnoustie then broke the defensive line with Michael Jamieson touching down. The conversion was missed. From the restart Kirkcaldy failed to put the ball over the 10 m line giving Carnoustie field position. Ultimately from a line out Carnoustie drove, recycled the ball to the backs and again Michael Jamieson touched down with the conversion added. Kirkcaldy then ended the scoring following a scrum the ball going wide before touching down and converting.

Team : J. Donnachie : C. Forteath : M. Whyte : M. Jamieson : D. Nicholson : C. Blackmore : D. Findlay : C. Henderson : A. Neil : K. Murphy : T. Forster : J. Forster : K. Dandie : O. Hughes : A. Franco : G. Henry : R. Blyth M. Docherty : J. Marriot : C. Chalmers.

Home Win for Start of Season

This being the first game of the season Carnoustie held a 2 minutes silence at beginning of the match for Jim Waugh who had died during the off season. Jim was the clubs first President when club was formed in 1978. He supported the club well and was always at the side line supporting the players.
Falkirk got the new season underway with Carnoustie fielding the ball and driving forwards. A penalty gained enabled Carnoustie to form a line out at the 5 meter mark. The line out was won and the ball spun out to the backs allowing Mitchell Whyte to break the line and score but the conversion was missed. Carnoustie continued to press but were penalised in the visitors twenty two. The ball was quickly tapped and run out at pace breaking a disorganised defence to touch down under the posts with the conversion added. From a line out in the visiting twenty two Carnoustie again sent the ball wide with Michael Jamieson touching down and converting. Again Falkirk threatened the home line and from a penalty put three points on the board. From a penalty Carnoustie won a 5 meter line out which allowed Owen Hughes to drive over with the conversion missed.
Falkirk restarted the second half by failing to put the ball over the 10 meter line, despite this they soon added penalty points to the score. Carnoustie replied with a strong series of drives before Danny Findlay nipped through to score, the conversion again missed. In a strong period of play both Callum Forteath and Jack Forster added touch downs but both conversions were missed. Falkirk came back to force their way over and add the conversion. Carnoustie fielded a loose kick and sent the ball at pace to across the width of the pitch for substitute Adam Campbell to touch down with no conversion. Falkirk had the final say touching down a try with no conversion in the final minute of the game.
Team : C. Henderson : A. Neil : K. Murphy : D. Nicolson : T. Forster : O. Hughes : A. Franco : J. Forster : D. Findlay : C. Blackmore : V. Galligan : M. Whyte : M. Jamieson : C. Forteath : R. Burton : S. Millar : M. Docherty : A. Campbell.